Lester Levenson

Lester Levenson on the Body

How to use these quotes: read through the page and find one quote that resonates with you in this moment. Then, test it for yourself, experimenting with seeing the world from this vantage point.

“Why should we have need for this body? If we are infinite beings, why do we need a body?”

“The only way out of all difficulties is to know that you are not the body.”

“We came into this world to be a body in order to learn that we are not a body.”

“You fear that if the body isn’t you are not.”

“You’re infinite and there’s nothing complicated about that, but the habit of being a body is so strong it complicates and overwhelms your abiding as your Self.”

“The entire body of misery relates to the physical body. The entire body of happiness is being what you are, the Self. Happiness is exactly what you are. Misery is exactly what you are not. The natural state is happiness. The artificially self-imposed state is misery. That is the choice — to say that the body is real or the Self is real.”

“If you have a car you do not say that you are the car. Why then, if you have a body, do you say you are the body?”

“You actually drop your body when you are in deep sleep and recreate it in the morning when you wake up. There’s no difference between sleep and death except that after death you pick up a different body while after sleep you pick up the same body. The time between sleep-bodies is short and the time between death-bodies is long.”

“If you know that you are not the body, you are not the mind — so what if they hurt?”

“The body is just a thought. Everything about the body is a thought.”

“All functions of the body at one time had to be done consciously before they became unconscious.”

“People are not aware that they run their bodies entirely. Subconsciously, we know more chemistry than all chemists today know consciously.”

“The body is nothing but a robot, controlled by us. We create it and then say, “That’s I.”

“It makes just as much sense to identify with this body as it does to identify with a body on a movie screen.”

“‘I am the body,’ is Ignorance. ‘The body is not apart from the Self,’ is Knowledge.”

“The body operates on the law of cause and effect, and is an effect of the mind.”

“The best method of exercise is seeing cosmic energy flowing in and out of the muscles and body as they are tensed and relaxed.”

“We should see every body as our body.”

“You’re only free when you know that you’re not the body.”

“When you see you are not a separate individual, you transcend the physical, astral and causal bodies. Separate individuality is the cause of body form. You should see your individuality as the one Being.”

“An unusual thing happens — you become all beings. You give up being one body and become all bodies. But the bodies appear different from the way they look to you now. They become a flimsy, dream-like substance.”

“It’s impossible to find God if we’re accepting the body and the world as real. When you are the Infinite Self you don’t see bodies, you see only the Beingness in them.”

“Be not the body and the world is a dream, a beautiful and perfect dream.”

“We have free will to identify with the body or to identify with our unlimited Self.”


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