Lester Levenson on Self-Realization

How to use these quotes: read through the page and find one quote that resonates with you in this moment. Then, test it for yourself, experimenting with seeing the world from this vantage point.

“Everyone is looking for the same thing. All beings, even the animals, are looking for it. And this thing that everyone is looking for is happiness with no sorrow. A continuous state of happiness with no taint whatsoever of sorrow. We can call this a state of ‘Beingness.'”

“Why then do most of us not have this continuous happiness with no sorrow? There is only one reason. We have done away with this happiness by thinking, ‘I am an individual, separate from the All,’ and in this way as infinite beings, we have assumed limitation.”

“To make ourselves separate from the All, we must have a means to accomplish this separation — and the means is the mind. And using the mind we create our bodies and the external world. We then get caught up in our own creation and begin searching for the All in the external world, and in the process, create more and more thoughts and more and more matter, until we are so involved in the thoughts and matter that we forget our real identity as the infinite Beingness.”

“Most knowledge is intellectual. It is acquired from reading books and from traditional, cognitive forms of education. Most of us have a lot of this intellectual knowledge. And yet we are still not realized. It must follow then that to achieve ‘realization,’ we need a different kind of knowledge, a knowledge that can be experienced, felt, and integrated. We can call this knowledge ‘Experiential.’

Experiential Knowledge is the only useful kind for growth, for through it we can finally realize our inner sight. This kind of knowledge also fits with our feelings. It feels right, and integrates with our whole Beingness. Through Experiential Knowledge we know, and even more importantly, we know that we know.”

“The very top state is the state of All Awareness, of All Beingness. Beingness and Awareness turn out to be the same thing when we get there. Before, it seems as though they are two different things. But when we move to the top, Beingness, Awareness, and Consciousness are all the same thing, because the Awareness you are aware of is being All Beingness. We see that we are not only this body, but that we are every other body, every other thing, every atom in this universe. So, if we are every being and atom, we are all Beingness.”

“The top state is ‘I.’ That’s all, not even ‘am.’ Just below the top is ‘I am.’ A step below that is ‘I am that I am.’ A step below that is ‘I am unlimited.'”

“This whole world, as now seen, is nothing but a dream-illusion that never was. The Truth is just behind the outward world. So why make trouble? The growth is simply the elimination of all theconcepts of limitation. That infinite perfect Being that we are must always be infinite and perfect and therefore is perfect right now. That’s one thing we can never change — our unlimited Self. That is all the time. But I, the unlimited Self, can assume that I am limited and that I have a mind, I have a body, I have problems. However, it is only an assumption.”

“Pose the question ‘Who am I?’ and when a thought comes up, you say, ‘To whom is this thought?’ The answer is ‘To me.’ ‘Well, who am I?’ and you’re back on the track. Thus, you eliminate the thoughts as they come up.”

“How long should it take Infinite Power, Infinite Knowledge to know that It is infinite?”

“It’s a tremendous experience, it’s an ecstasy, an euphoria. There are no real words to describe it because, well, we’re in an age where these things are not experienced and therefore not understood, so how can there be words for things that are not understood? There are no words to describe these feelings, they’re so beyond present understanding. So you pick the words you know best to describe it and that’s it. Paramhansa Yogananda uses the words ‘ever-new joy welling up every second,’ and that’s a practical way of describing it. At first, it’s a joy that spills over every second, just keeps pouring out, pouring out — you feel as though you can’t contain it. Later on, it resolves itself into a very profound peace, the most peaceful peace you could ever imagine. It’s a delicious peace which is far more comfortable than ever-new joy. But please, get the ever-new joy!”

“The final state is the peace that passeth all understanding. It’s a deep, deep peace. You move in the world, the body moves, but you have absolute peace all the time. Bombs could be dropping all around you and you have that perfect peace, regardless of what’s going on.”

“The real purpose of being here on this earth then is to learn, or to remember our original natural state of Beingness — a state which allows imperturbable happiness, complete with complete freedom and no limitation. Once we are led to see that this is our natural state, then we can begin to let go of all the limitations.”

“The prime and the very first limitation is the feeling, ‘I am an individual separate from the All.’ Eliminate that and you eliminate all loneliness, all limitation.”

“Many people in many spiritual and transformational disciplines believe they must work hard to achieve ‘Beingness,’ but there is no growing into the natural Being that you are. That Being is whole and perfect, here and now. There is only letting go of the concepts of limitation.”

“The world as you now see it is really a product of your imagination and when you see the Truth, the world turns out to be a dream, a fiction created in your mind. First, you will see it as a dream, then you will see it as a dream that never really was. In fact, you will experience it exactly as you do a night dream.”

“Actually, we are fully realized all the time. That is part of the irony. We are fully realized Beings saying that we are not. So all we have to do is let go of ‘we are not’ and what is left over is the fully realized and free Being that we are.”

“The very best method of all methods is to quiet the mind by releasing all subconscious feelings and thoughts, all feelings of wanting approval, wanting control and wanting security. And what is left is the Being that you are.”

“The world is only our mental creation. It is not external, but is a reality within us, within our mind. Some day you will discover this. Creation begins by first creating what we call a mind, which is a composite of all our thoughts and feelings, conscious and subconscious. Then through this mind we create our world.”

“In fact every little thing that happens to each and every one of us we create first in our minds. We mentally create this thing called time which makes it even more difficult to see the creation process because we think now, and the effect of that thought happens much later.”

“It is necessary and good to discover that everything happening to us is caused by our feeling and thinking. Everything that happens to us is created first in our thought, and when you discover this, you discover that you create your trouble as well. And then you realize that if this is so, then you can create anything you desire, and you will begin to create only good things.

Still, even when you discover that there is nothing that you cannot create, you are still not satisfied. The reason is that you have separated yourself from your Infinite Beingness, your oneness, and only on recognizing and being your Infinite Beingness are you perfectly satisfied.”

“Although I have been talking about this subject in intellectual terms, this subject cannot be learned intellectually. Although you have been using your mind to understand it, it cannot be learned in the mind. Truth, you see, is perceived just behind the mind. We can use the mind to release what is occupying the mind so that by getting it quieter, we can see behind the mind.”

“Turn the mind back upon the mind to release the mind, and then you may go beyond the mind to your Self.”

“The very highest state is simply Beingness, and if we could only be, just be, we could see our Infinity. We could see that we are the All. We could be in a perfectly satiated, permanent, changeless state. And this state is not a nothingness, it is not a boredom, it is an Allness, an Everythingness, a Total Satiation that is eternal.”

“You will never, never lose your individuality. The feeling “I” as you use it to mean your individuality will never ever leave you. It expands. What happens as you discover what you are is that you begin to see that others are you, that you are them, that you and I are one, that there is only One, and that you are now and always have been that one and glorious Infinite Being.”

“When you get your full Realization, it’s instantaneous. Before that, you play around, dropping a little bit at a time. This goes on and on, year in and year out, until you decide to let go of the whole thing; then you’ve got Full Realization. It really comes instantaneously — when it comes. You will it. Will is your power. You turn on your will so strongly that you just undo the whole mind, and you are totally Free.”

“Discover the dreamer. To make it more intimate: I, the Infinite Being, am dreaming that I am a limited body.”

“It takes no effort to be what you really are: Infinite. It takes tremendous effort to be extremely limited as you now choose to be.”

“The ultimate goal of every being in the universe is total freedom; and that is when you are only your Self.”

“The only reason why you are not aware of your Self is simply because you want to be a single body in the world.”

“There is really only one happiness; it is being our very own Self. The happier we are, the more we are dwelling in our Self.”

“Living in your Self is living in ecstacies. Living in worldly desires is living in miseries.”

“Everyone every moment is experiencing his Self and every moment saying otherwise.”

“Everyone is seeking the Self, calling It by different names.”

“If you see separation you see not the Self.”

“When the world is real it is heavy. When the Self is real the world is light.”

“When our false identity as a body-mind disappears, our real identity as Self appears.”

“When we behave like God, we have God-like powers.”

“God (Self) can materialize anything instantly.”

“The All that is God is not every little thing; it is the singular same Essence behind all the little things.”

“Look to the Self for everything!”

“If, at this moment, you identify with your Self, you are infinite.”


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