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Lester Levenson on Manifestation

How to use these quotes: read through the page and find one quote that resonates with you in this moment. Then, test it for yourself, experimenting with seeing the world from this vantage point.

“Whether we are aware of it or not, we are controlling matter all the time. Whether one wants to be a creator or not, one is. In fact, it is impossible to not be a creator all the time. We are creating everyday. We are not aware of it because we just do not look at it. We have demonstrated or created everything we have! Every thought, every single thought, materializes in the physical world. It is impossible to have a thought that will not materialize (except that we reverse it). If we think the opposite right after we have a thought, with equal strength, we neutralize it. But any thought not reversed or neutralized will materialize in the future, if not immediately.”

“So this ‘demonstration’ [manifestation] that we are all trying so hard to accomplish, we are doing all the time and are unconscious of the fact that we are doing it. All we need to do is to consciously direct it, and that we call demonstration. Everything that everyone has in life is a demonstration. It could not come into our experience if we had not had a thought of it at some prior time.

“If you want to know what your sum total thinkingness is, just look around you. What you now have is a result of what you have thought. It is your demonstration! If you like it, you may hold it. If you do not, and want to change some part of it, start changing your thinking subconscious to the contrary. Concentrate it in the direction that you really want, allowing the thoughts to come up and let them go until the conscious thoughts become dominant over the subconscious thoughts. And when you begin to consciously demonstrate small things, you may then realize that the only reason why they are small is because you don’t dare to think big. The exact same rule, or principle, that applies to demonstrating a penny, applies to demonstrating a million dollars. The mind sets the size. Anyone who can demonstrate a dollar, can demonstrate a million dollars! Become aware of the way you are demonstrating a one dollar bill and just increase it next time to a much larger amount. Take on the consciousness of the million, rather than the one dollar bill.

“The material world is just an outward projection of our mind into what we call the world. And when we realize that it is just an outward projection of our minds, just a picture out there that we have created, we begin to understand how easily we can change it, even instantly, by changing our thought!”

“Take credit for creating all the things that you do not like. Just say, “Look what I did.” Because when you become aware that you have created things that you do not like, you are in the position of creator, and if you do not like it, all you have to do is to reverse it and then you will like it. After you can master matter by consciously creating that which you want, then master your mind and get beyond it.”

“The mind toys it [manifestation] is gradual. And if you keep thinking about it, you’ll discover that creation is instantaneous. And the instantaneity also has the concept of time in it. That’s just something I’m throwing out for you to work on, if you want to.”

“You should now consciously create only the things you want and stop creating the things you don’t want. One of the grossest errors we make is trying to create in the future: I will have this, I will get that, and when we do that, it keeps it in the future, thereby giving it distance from us. This is the greatest stumbling block for most people. When you create something, it has to be seen in present time, in its isness — now. It is mine, now!”

“Anything your mind is absolutely convinced of, materializes instantly.”

“God (Self) can materialize anything instantly.”

“There isn’t anyone who couldn’t materialize anything right now, if he or she would just let go of identifying as the limited body.”

“Desire causes you to feel “I have not.” And this will cause you to have not! Let go of desire and you feel “I have.” This causes things to come to you.”

“I can’t have a sick body without having a mental picture of sickness. It’s impossible to hold anything in the body that’s not in the mind. The instant we change the mind-picture, the body change.”

“If you could let go of thinking, and in just one easy thought with no other thoughts around think, ‘l am perfect,’ you’d instantly have a perfect body.”

“You are causing everything around you — even when someone else seems to be doing it. When you realize this, you’ll take responsibility for everything.”

“If you don’t like the world, change your consciousness. That is all there is out there (your consciousness) and it’s the only thing that you can change, the only thing that you should try to change. Make the World perfect by perfecting your consciousness and all will be perfect.”

“Declare your mastership rather than be a victim.”

“I and world, seer and seen, rise simultaneously, concurrently, co-dependently, and necessarily exist co-existently. The creation is instantaneous with the creator. Realize this. There is no world without the one who sees it. Realize the seer, within whom the apparency, the world, was imaged. The reality then is only the Seer.”

“It is necessary and good to discover that everything happening to us is caused by our feeling and thinking. Everything that happens to us is created first in our thought, and when you discover this, you discover that you create your trouble as well. And then you realize that if this is so, then you can create anything you desire, and you will begin to create only good things.”

“You see, trying to get rid of a problem is holding on to it. Anything we try to get rid of we are holding in mind and thereby sustaining. So the only way to correct a problem is to let go of it. Don’t focus on the problem, focus only on what you want. From this moment on, if you would only see what you want, that is all that you would get. But you hold in mind the things you do not want. You struggle to eliminate these things you don’t want, and thereby sustain them. This means that it is necessary to let go of the negative and focus on the positive if you want a positive, happy life.”

“[Miracles:] Now, to do these things, it takes a mere effortless thought; you surrender, let go, and have a thought with no effort, no drive. It’s the easiest thought you could have. And then it happens.”

“The easier way to live is purely mental; mentally do everything. You should be able to do all this. Why not go all the way and have nature serve you?”

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