Lester Levenson on Love

How to use these quotes: read through the page and find one quote that resonates with you in this moment. Then, test it for yourself, experimenting with seeing the world from this vantage point.

“Love is a feeling of oneness with, of identity with, the other one or all other ones. When there is a full love, you feel yourself as the other person, and you treat the other person just like you treat your own self. There is complete identity.”

“The power behind love, without question, is far more powerful that the hydrogen bomb. That is, once you know what love is, Love is the most powerful force in the universe. When expressed as love really is, not as we have been taught to think of it, it is extraordinary.”

“If we want to be loved, the way to get it is to love. It is not only the very best method, but it is, I think, the only method. To receive love we must love because what we give out must come back. Looking for love without loving does not bring love to us, does not satisfy us. This is a basic error in many, many people’s thinking. They go through life wanting to be loved, never feeling that they are even when they are really getting the love. The feeling has to be in us. If I love you, I feel wonderful. If you love me, you feel wonderful. It’s the one who loves who feels great. So wanting to be loved is getting into a direction that can never be satisfied. The happy one is the one loving, the one giving. Blessed is the giver because he’s so much happier.”

“It’s impossible to be hurt when we love fully. We only feel wonderful when we love, in fact, we feel the greatest!”

“When you fully love someone, you identify with and you become one with that one. When you become the universe you love the universe, or, if you fully love the universe, you become the universe. Love is absolutely necessary. When we love totally, we totally identify with the grand and glorious infinite Being that we are!”

“The original state for all Beings is Love. Our troubles are due only to our covering over this natural state.”

“All minds are interconnected, interactive and inter-react. The more an individual increases his love, the more everyone is helped.”

“The greatest givingness is not in things. The greatest givingness is your attitude of love.”

“When you love fully, you understand the other one fully. Love is understanding. It’s identifying with the other one, being the other one. Coming down a step, it’s wanting the other one to have what the other one wants, loving the other one, the way the other one is.”

“Love is the balm, the salve, that soothes and heals everything and all.”

“When you love, you lift others to love.”

“When we love, not only are we happy, but our whole life is in harmony.”

“There is always either love or the lack of it.”

“The highest love is when you become the other one. Identity is love in its highest form.”

“If you love your enemy, you have no more enemies!”

“The power and effect of love is self-obvious. Just try it!”

“Apply love and every problem resolves.”

“One individual with nothing but love can stand up against the entire world because this love is so powerful. This love is nothing but the Self. This love is God.”

“Love will give not only all the power in the universe, it will give all the joy and all the knowledge.”

“The more we practice love, the more we love, and the more we love, the more we can practice love. Love begets love.”

“The more we develop love, the more we come in touch with the harmony of the universe, the more delightful our life becomes, the more beautiful, the more everything. It starts a cycle going in which you spin upwards.”

“The only method of receiving love is to give love, because what we give out must come back.”

“When you really love, you can never feel parting. There is no distance, because they’re right in your heart.”

“Love is an attitude that is constant. Love doesn’t vary. Love cannot be chopped up.”

“Love is the state of the Self. It is something you are.”

“The more we love the less we have to think.”


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